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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Photo Session Experience~

1.  Research prior to session - 

     Google, Pinterest, etc.  

•what to wear, what not to wear, location ideas, things of the sort. 

2.  Communicate with me - 

      Direct communication is best... Phone call, email, or text for immediate response. 

•ask questions, share ideas, etc. 

3.  Follow my professional website and Facebook site - 

     Doing so will keep you 'in the know'. 

•Be sure to 'Like' my Facebook Photography page so you don't miss out on seasonal promotions, which I offer year round:)

4.  Selectively choose a Quality Printer - I guarantee the highest quality of my work, whether it be an 8x10 print, a 16x20 wrapped canvas, or a holiday ornament, as long as you choose to have your prints/products printed from a Professional Lab~  (Smug Mug, MPix, Nations Photo Lab, & more, there are lots to choose from)

•Tell me your ultimate wants/needs and I will guide you through the ordering process OR for an affordable fee- will do so for you. 

5.   Trust me - I strive for perfection, always. 

• I am not perfect, but I will always do my best to provide you with acceptional close to perfection as I possibly can get!

[Here are a few examples of the quality product you'd receive from a professional print lab- although a photograph of a photograph doesn't do deserved justice;}

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