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Cake Smash Description & Tips

What is a Cake Smash Photo Shoot? Cake Smash Sessions are a coming of age for little ones turning ONE (or even 2, 3, 4, 5…..) They’ve become quite popular, as they can result in amazing images and can be a very fun-filled session filled with multiple colors, textures, & lots of yumminess!! Professional cakes are highly recommended for Cake Smash Sessions, as they generally photograph better than the average cake. I offer to provide the Smash Cake at no additional charge. (7 in. vanilla single layer cake with buttercream icing and rosettes)

*A few cake tips- Chocolate icing is not the best idea, because it tends to not look so appealing in photos. (Use your imagination, lol) Vanilla and light colored icing w some added color sprinkles, flowers, balloons, etc. are ideal. Red is a color to avoid when decorating a smash cake, because it can tend to look yucky when it melts. Fondant is generally a no-no. It simply isn’t the easiest texture for the lil’ one to play with and usually isn’t the best tasting part of the cake. Buttercream icing is my personal favorite! Also, there will be a small fee for NOT sharing w the Photographer. Just kidding.

*You can also Google ‘healthy cake alternatives’…..there are some great organic, sugar free ideas if you’d like to try at home first. It is VERY important to know if your child has any allergies PRIOR to this session for obvious reasons, so please be sure to discuss this with me. The best way to prepare child for the Smash Session is to let him have a little taste of some cake a week or so before the scheduled photo shoot. As for decorations, well…. Ideas are limitless. You can have a character theme, color theme, style, etc. *Tip~~Create an inspiration board on Pinterest. This will help you identify your theme/style. You may provide decorations yourself, I can provide for you, or both…. keeping it simple yet beautiful. (Balloons, streamers, fabric banners, lanterns, and so much more!) These are details that can be discussed once you’ve chosen your lil’ ones 2 outfits for the photo session. I like to do a studio session 1st in their birthday outfit. It helps them warm up to me and my camera. I’ll also get a few shots of the cake and the fun decorations/set up that I’ve put together before the smashing! At this time, you can change the birthday boy/girl into something more appropriate for the messy fun. For the actual smashing of the cake, it is completely up to you as to what they can wear. It can be a tutu and hat or suspenders and hat or a simple diaper cover and hat….. As long as you don’t mind it getting messy. Then the real fun begins…. We introduce the CAKE. At this time, I ask that the parents stay close by, preferably w a drink (it’s a thirsty job for your lil’ one/s) and a handful of cheerios or puffs, as we might have to stuff some inside the cake to get baby more intrigued to dig in. *Your child may or may not enjoy the cake smash. If not, it is OK. Messy boo-boo faces make for some priceless images! This part of the session usually doesn’t last more than 20-25 minutes, if that. *Prior to my arrival, if I’m doing an on location shoot, I ask that parents please have clean up area ready. For example, a mat or towel in bottom of tub to prevent slipping, a towel to wrap and carry baby to bathroom in, or sink if they don’t get too messy. Yea right!) Please note….. I do NOT mind doing these sessions in my home. I am fully equipped. **If your lil one is not feeling well... chances are I'm not going to be able to capture many smiles-if any at all, so it's important that you reschedule for a different day. (I am very flexible with my time & days:) A few more details… It is best to schedule your appointment within close range of his/her actual birthday. If you are having a celebration and plan on using images on invitations and thank you cards, you definitely want to schedule the session at least 5-6 weeks in advance. Cake Smash Sessions can take place just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget, a Cake Smash would be just as much fun for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th birthday as well….. Or even your pet!!! (I’ll be posting images soon of a Puppy Cake Smash!) That just about sums it up… Any other questions or concerns, please contact me via text or email. HAPPY SMASHING !!

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